Drum Set for Beginners.

Drums 101: Drum Sets For Beginners

As a parent, buying a drum set for your ward who is nursing ideas of being a rockstar is never easy.

The quagmire often lies between buying a cheap one with the thoughts of the child outgrowing the dream, or going for the best with the understanding that the child just might end up being a rockstar.

The price of drum sets can vary very significantly. This is dependent on a number of factors that includes the drum type, the size of the drum set, the manufacturer and the level the drummer is playing at.  You can get a better idea at www.telecomshelp.com/.

In this article, we are looking at drum sets for beginners and this can be bought off eBay for as low as $200 while the more professional variety can be bought for a price upwards of $10,000 and this is dependent on the type of drums and other elements.

Junior Drum Kits

As said earlier, junior drum sets are the lowest on the ladder and they can be purchased for around $200.

At this price, the drum set will come with the stock cymbals and other stands and hardware but it might not include the drum throne.

The inclusion of the drum throne will cause an increase of $30 in the price tag.

Drums sets categorized under junior drum kits are usually three or four piece sets.

This kind of set includes a base drum, one cymbal and two toms.

Although junior drum kits might not have as good an audio quality as upgraded and more expensive drums, however, they allow a child enough practicing time at home.

However, if these drums are to be used in the house, I will strongly advice you purchase silencing pads.

Even those these might be purchased at around $50, they mute the sound of the drums and restrict it to just the drummer.

This way, the rest of the house is in absolute peace while the drummer gets to hear and feel everything he or she is doing on the drum set.

Intermediate Drum Kits

The better your kid learns to play, the sooner he or she will want a more advanced drum set to practice on.

Even though junior drum kits are good for beginners, they are quickly outgrown in size and in the playing type.

A good replacement for this is a full sized intermediate kit.

Traditionally, the intermediate kit is a five or six piece set. Most times, they come without cymbals characteristic of beginner sets.

These drum sets often require a budget of $700 to $1,500 and this is dependent of the type of kits being purchased.

Even though there are a few intermediate kits that can be purchased with a budget under $700, it is universally agreed that the more expensive variety will provide your child with the best practice experience.

Professional Kits

If your child or children are in a band, this kit is for you.

These drum sets are just like the intermediate variety; five or six piece sets, but they are made with better components and materials.

Since professional bands tend to perform gigs a lot, these drum sets are designed to be more durable and resistant to wear.

For an amount between $3,000 to $10,000, you can purchase a professional kit.

For most professional drummers, they will opt to buy a shell pack and hardware alongside the kit. They then attach choice drums and cymbals that they years of experience have taught them are necessary.

Therefore, outfitting a professional kit is not often a question of the price, but more of what the professional drummer believes is necessary to the drum set as a whole.


There are different drum sets available for sale in any sales outlet. For the sake of the parent with a young rockstar in his basement, I have done the research.

Before purchasing a new drum set, however, especial attention has to be paid to the throne. Since the drummer will be at it for hours, the importance of his comfort cannot be overstated.

Also, you should consider the size of the drum sets and the colors they come in. Yes, children can be that picky.

I present to you the best drums on the market:

Huntington DRM500-BK Five-Piece Drum Set

This drum set is very popular among adult beginners.

It is equipped with a full range of drum add-ons that will set your child on the path to stardom right away.

It comes with a collection of required equipment that create a system of effortless integration with any variety of drumming equipment.

It features anodized colored metal rings and a pack of poplar shells. Also, the set comes with a large kick base-drum and two detachable tom drums.

Gammon Five-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set

This set comes in a metallic finish that is usually a blue hue that is popular with children.

It is usually for children younger than 10 years and it includes stands, sticks and cymbals

If you want to drum up an interest in the art of drumming in your child, this drum set is exactly what you need.

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set

This set is favoured by both amateur and professional drummers who are operating on a limited budget.

It comes equipped with a sequencer loaded with prerecorded tracks.

It has over 100 good drum sounds and cymbals and preinstalled instrument sounds.


Whenever you are on the hunt for that special beginner drum set online, be sire to make eBay your first stop.

The website has a catalogue of a variety of drum sets up for sale or auction while other users offer to custom build a drum set just for you.

While searching, be sure to set your filters for the words 'beginner' and 'child'.

Do not be a cheapskate. Cheap drums  look durable but they most often are not.

Make that extra $40 investment, your son will dedicate his first platinum selling record to you.