Buy the Best 4*4 Cars


One cannot help noticing that almost every truck, SUV, or sports car that is seen on the road is a 4-Wheel Drive (also known as 4*4) vehicle. Though the name vaguely explains what the technology behind the car is all about, there might still be some common confusions in mind. 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles are often confused to be the same. But the truth is that they are completely two different types.

What’s the Difference?

When the road conditions are slippery, the front-wheel drive or the rear-wheel drive is not going to help at all. 4-wheel drives are designed to run in such tough conditions. They run complementing the two-wheel-drive setup. When the 4 wheeldrivemodeis selected, the power is split between the front and back axles. This is to ensure that equal power is given both at the front and at the rear to prevent the vehicle from getting stuck in themud, snow, or uneven terrains.

Four wheel-drive are useful not only in rough road conditions but while driving forward in a straight line, the four-wheel drive technology is simply brilliant. The only negative point is when there is a turning. Turning movement needs the front and back wheels to turn at different speeds. And this is not something that is allowed by the four Wheel-drive technology. Also, it gets locked up when driving slow. At that time, the 4 wheel drive option can be unselected.

The main advantages of 4-wheel drive are

The only disadvantage is

Interested in Selling 4*4 Cars?

If you are already selling cars and want to include 4*4 cars on your list or if you are going to start a new business and specialize in selling 4*4 cars, then this article will help you with starting one.

In Britain, 4*4 cars aka Four wheel drives aka SUVs are very commonly seen on roads. In recent years, their popularity has increased three-folds as they are safer to ride, have become more fuel-efficient and are now available cheap enough both in terms of running and maintenance. They have lots of advantages over the normal 2 wheel drives like the seating position of the driver seat, the luxurious comfort and its extraordinary driving capability in poor weather conditions and bad roads.

If you are interested in starting a car business, then you certainly need to have a massive range of new and used 4*4 cars. There are best SUVs from Ford, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Renault, Dacia, Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan. There are other premium ranges like the BMW X3 and X5, Mercedes ML series and Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 that is a must in the list. You can also have cars like IX35 from Hyundai and Santa Fe from the eastern manufacturers, as they are of good build quality and a good value for money.

Some Tips to Start your Own Car Business

If you have the passion for automobiles, then a car business is like a perfect match for your passion. As consumers are always on a look out for quality cars (both new and used), owning a car business means you have a plenty of career growth. Here are some tips to climb high in your car business.

  1. New Or Used Cars

The first step to ask yourself when starting a car business is whether you are going to deal with new cars or used ones. If the choice is to sell new ones, then the investment that needs to be put is substantially higher than in used car dealership. You can seek financial help from an investor or from a bank.

For selling used cars, the investment is not as high as in the new ones, but the earning potential is also lower.

  1. Formulate a Business Plan

Based on the decision of selling New / Used cars, a suitable business plan needs to be formulated. This is important especially when you need a financial backing. The plan should have an answer to questions like “Selling one brand or multiple brands?”, “Is selling both new and used cars possible?”, etc.

Other details like the business equipment costs, lease, and sale agreement costs, advertising budgets, salaries of employees, etc., should be part of the plan so that they all can be incorporated in reality.

  1. Acquiring Licence

The first hurdle to cross before starting the business is to acquire a dealer’s license. For a full-fledged dealership, a license that permits to sell unlimited cars in a year is essential.

  1. Bonds

Surety Bonds protects the owner of the business form contract defaults with wholesalers, suppliers, and vendors. They are effective and hence, are essential to safeguard the transactions that occur between your business and any other outside party.

  1. Insurance

To cover everything from inventory loss to property damage, a comprehensive insurance coverage is very important.

  1. Learning the Trade

Love towards cars doesn’t really mean that you will be good in that business. It requires a lot of sales skills. So, hone your sales skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling used cars or new cars, sales skill is the key to any trade.

  1. Choosing the Location

The location for car business is another critical factor for the success of the business. If it is setup in a location where there is more population, the sales will also be more. If it is set in an obscure location, then the business might fail to attract more customers.

  1. Keeping Track of Inventory

When customers contact you for cars, you should be able to give them plenty of options. Thus, keeping track of the inventory regularly and knowing when to restock them will make a person more successful in trade.

  1. Registering a Premium-Rate Number

Premium-rate numbers have their own advantages. Smart businesses make use of these numbers as they create a professional appearance and increase the response rates. Also, they work on the existing phone lines and hence, there is no need to invest on new phones.

  1. Go by the Laws

The car business should always abide by the law. It should abide by the Consumer Rights and Safety Laws and other laws of the land. It should also mention about the full and limited warranties the business offers.